Who Am I?


Megan = Child of Light

Garner = Gathering

Wiseman = Wise (Wo)men

What is My Story?

As a child I learned to cherish spirituality. I learned of spiritual gifts, of a spirit world and of my divine loving creator. All of these truths helped build the foundation for my spiritual journey in this mortal realm. 


But I had yet to encounter a darker side of my mortality… 


As a teen I found myself living a kind of dual reality of happiness on the outside, but inwardly hating who I was. I was accomplishing great things, but it seemed that nothing could fully fill the void of self-hate I held in my heart. 


As I became an adult, I headed off to college. I wanted to do something great with myself. I graduated with honors and taught elementary school. I put high standards of achievement and perfection on myself which made the anxiety inside me grow. 


As I married and had children, I dedicated myself to motherhood. This labor of love brought me to the depths of my darkness. I was overwhelmed and exhausted mentally and physically. I lost my sense of purpose. I lost my identity. I became weary of life and even sometimes wished to be done living.


I was at my breaking point, after many years of trying to prove I was worthy. I needed to find out my own worth from the inside-out. Instead of seeking it from the outside-in. No amount of accolade or accomplishment would fill the hole of hatred I held in my heart for myself. 

How could someone so successful and spiritually driven, feel so much disdain and disconnection from my own spirit?


I had overworked my heart, mind and body to the point of self-destruction. I had to decide to self-destruct or self-discover…

I began to seek answers from books, classes, doctors, experts, healers and therapists. I had an immense desire to learn everything about the workings of the mind and heart. I wanted to know what was behind my negative beliefs and behaviors. I wanted to get to the root of my anxiety and insecurity. I wanted to know where all the negative feelings and thoughts were coming from.


Ultimately, in all my seeking for more wisdom, I found the best answers within the hollows of my own soul. I learned to use meditation to connect inward and upward. In doing so, I discovered many things about my identity and abilities…

  • I strengthened my connection to my heart and my intuitive senses of feeling, seeing and hearing.
  • I processed experiences in my subconscious mind that had created limiting beliefs and inner-child wounds.
  • I recognized that my empathy allowed me to connect and communicate with angels and ancestors from the spirit world.
  • I found dark entities trying to keep me from my powerful purposes and my warrior spirit ready to fight my battles with me.
  • I rediscovered my personal healing tools that were divinely prepared for me to use for healing purposes. 


I all of my heartache has helped me rediscover who I really am and what I am capable of. In the process of my self-discovery I have been led to my higher purpose…

Once you find your divine identity,

it changes the way you see yourself.

You no longer see earth life as a destination,

but a place where you can fulfill

your divine destiny in human form. 

What is My Purpose?

I have turned my own self-hate into self-love. In the process I have found my divine identity and powerful purpose. I now show others how to change self-criticism, self-loathing, self-doubt into a journey of self-discovery. 


As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have been trained to understand the workings of the mind. In my own meditation practice I have learned to understand the workings of the heart. Together these powerful tools of heart and mind allow us to use our most powerful tool: our body. We are here on earth to embody the divine intelligence of who we were, so we can become who we were meant to be. 


I help my clients overcome emotional and energetic blocks that keep them from their progression. I help them discover the root of subconscious emotions and experiences. I guide them to recognize, release and renew emotions. I help them acknowledge their inner wounds and wisdom. I teach them how the mind and heart connect with their body. I train them to use emotional and energetic power tools. I help them change limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep them from progressing.  

But my purpose is expanding. I see a greater need for the wisdom I have discovered. 

It’s time to empower the healers!

I support those in the field of changing minds, hearts and lives. I mentor spiritually focused therapists (mind), healers (heart) and coaches (lives). 

My higher purpose is to help healers to hone their healing art. I help them connect to their own unique intuitive intelligence. I help them rediscover their intuitive identity to fulfill their divine destiny on earth. 


What powerful wisdom is your soul waiting for you to remember?

Is it time to find your Power in Wisdom?